Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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Yesterday evening we switch on the  TV just  before midnight in time to see the fireworks display on the Thames.  Big Ben stands out against the illuminated sky and the wheel forms a centre piece of the show, at times becoming a giant Catherine wheel. The upturned faces of the crowd packed onto the embankment are more moving than the lights in the sky. Full of wonder and you wonder full of hope.

This morning a fat slug appears on the kitchen work surface. Where it comes from we do not know. Ugly word slug,  for a far from pretty creature. I prefer the French word, limace which suddenly comes to mind, but the creature is the same one.


Roderick Robinson said...

Not a cheerful visitor, the slug. No pic, obviously (since it falls into the Millennial Clock outer darkness category). No poetical attractions; there are rhymes but all seem bathetic. Slow in movement and repellant by trace. All the world's against it but there's a doggedness about it; to the point where Monty Don (Unwilling to wheel out a nuclear deterrent) shrugs his shoulders. And I, a stranger to gardens, used it as a symbol to illustrate Hester's pragmatic approach to life. The slug has its uses.

Unknown said...

Hedgehogs and some birds I understand regard slugs much as you or I might a well hung and butchered sirloin steak.

marja-leena said...

wonderful watercolour - did you do this on paper on computer?

Slugs are the most hated living things in a gardener's world it seems.

Unknown said...

M-l I did it on a touch screen with an app called Paper. It is quite remarkable. You have a choice of tools which you operate by dragging your finger across the screen. As you can see you can produce very fine or bold work as you please or there is a brush which gives you a wash of varying degrees of intensity. There is a wide range of colours and a palate on which you can mix colours. I've been experimenting with it for the past few days as recent posts testify.

CC said...

Enjoying your "Paper" art.

I've been fooling around with the app
Sketchbook Pro, anothergood one for drawing and painting.

Now I'm going to look into Paper. Thanks!