Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Animal laws, cheers, snowdrops

Pets can stop worrying, or so I read in the paper. An Animal Welfare Bill is promised by the Government later this year, which will insist that owners guarantee five "animal rights". Among other provisions, owners are warned to provide pets with adequate mental stimulation and to ensure they do not become overweight. Owners who fail to guarantee the rights will apparently face a jail term or a £5000 fine.

I enjoy the polite exchanges between strangers in supermarkets and the like, especially the word "cheers" which always comes in useful. Today, from the young man at the checkout in Morrisons: "You alright?" "Fine," I say, "cheers!"

There is a bank in one of the gardens in Mount Sion, which always has a fine display of snowdrops. Would they be in bloom already? Sure, the white buds are opening already.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You are a really great writer. Keep it up.