Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Summer bike, fragments, Elizabeth David

My friend David, who lives in Holland, has emailed me to say that he fell off his bike after skidding on black ice. A neighbour rebuked him with the words that he had been "Riding a summer bike in winter", ie one with standard, narrow rather than special, wide tires. It strikes me that Riding a Summer Bike in Winter is a novel waiting to be written, or perhaps a book of memoirs. I have replied accordingly and await a draft of the first chapter by return.

In puddles, I see reflected fragments of the branches of trees and portions of sky.

A play about the life of the cookery writer Elizabeth David is on tv tonight. She was possibly the best of all cookery writers, taking immense care with the recipes she published and above all with her use of language. Here, chosen for its brevity as well as its characteeristic simplicty, is one recipe from Italian Food , which she thought of as her best book, though it is not the best known.
Poached eggs on potato puree
Have ready a very creamy and very hot potato puree. On top put poached eggs, and over the eggs strew a fair amount of grated Parmesan cheese. Delicious invalid food.

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