Saturday, January 07, 2006

Invective, carrot and ginger, remembrances of last year

A good piece of well deserved invective to warm the heart for the year ahead, I find in Bleak House: ' "Guv'ner," says Phil, with exceeding gravity, "he's a leech in his disposition, he's a screw and a wice in his actions, a snake in his twisting, and a lobster in his claws."' Phil Squod is talking to Mr George of Joshua Smallwood.

To warm the blood, a juice made from carrots and apples and a good piece of peeled ginger.

While waiting in a queue I leaf through the pages of my notebook and see, mostly with pleasure, the past year unfold; and there is the drawing I made of the big cat I saw leaning against a wall in an alley in Sitges back in September.

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