Monday, January 09, 2006

Morning light, mist, living dangerously

Watching the light seep in at the edges of the blinds in the morning, and gradually ease into being, objects which have ceased to exist in the darkness.

From the cross roads at the top of Mount Pleasant, looking south and down hill, you can see, in the middle distance, the buildings clustered at the lower end of the High Street, and beyond them the wooded, upward slopes of the Common. Today, a damp mist shrouds the distant trees giving the impression of a Chinese landscape; mysterious it seems to promise more than there is.

Among the causes behind the 13 million or so admissions to NHS hospitals, I read in Schott's Almanac 2006, are: Fall involving a chair, 7,114; contact with hot drinks, 1,481; Ignition or melting of pyjamas, 22.

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