Monday, January 23, 2006

Camelia, discarded stuff, hoody

A camelia bud shows it pink tip in a front garden. It's like a piece of lipstick.

Someone has moved from a house by the Grove. A collection of detritus - chairs, a small table, a laundry basket, pieces of timber - invite gleaners. And sure enough bit by bit the pile is reduced, and you seeone or two people bearing off the trophies.

I see a hoody walking a dog. At first, with the light behind him, it looks as though the wearer has no face. Not so much sinister, as reminiscent of an illustration of a mediaeval monk. But the dog somehow brings it back to the present, and removes the hoody, too, from its association with mugging.


tristan said...

can the readers presume the dog wasn't a rottweiler or a bull terrier, then ?

Unknown said...

It was a mild looking dog of indeterminate breed.