Friday, January 20, 2006

Unlikely line ups, short lunch, ladybird

One of the benefits of writing this log is spotting obervations in other people's writing, which might easily fit here. For example, this from the diary of the artist Ian Breakwell, who is travelling on the London tube and, when the train stops, observes a man and a woman sitting opposite him:
Leicester Square. Alongside his head is a grinning man. Between his head and her head a hand is slipping inside the top of a pair of trousers. Alongside her head is the mouth of a shark.
I owe this quote to Tom Lubbock, who every week assess a great painting in the Indpendent Arts and Books Review. He links this line up of disparate objects with the sort of line up of objects which you get in a picture, and in particular, today, Vermeer's sublime Woman Holding a Balance.

In the High Street, I note in the glass door of a dental centre a note which says: Closed for Lunch. Will open at 2pm. I look at the clock higher up the street, which shows that the time is 3.05pm.

A ladybird has been visiting Heidi's desk. She crawls around for a bit and then flies off. Where does she go at this time of year? There are no greenfly around to feed her with.

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