Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cold wind, pistachios, pantechnicons,

Cold is passable, but cold winds are less pleasant; the only consoling thing about today's blast is being able to get out of it into a warm place.

There are few natural colours in food more beautiful and delicate than the green in the pistachio nut. Roasted and salted the taste matches the appearance. Unsalted they are good to taste and look at in pistachio ice cream. I read: when the fruit, of which the nut is the kernal, is ripe, the shell usually gapes open at one end to expose the kernal, which in Iran is termed khandan (laughing).

Walking home from the High Street today I pass, both in narrow streets, two vast pantechnicons, loading the worldly goods of two different households. Inevitably in the next day or two, two more will arrive to install new households.

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