Saturday, January 21, 2006

Paths, trails, blue

Watching the path-repairs taking shape in the Grove. Rows of flat bricks, two bricks wide, will form the edges and give a leisurely and tidy appearance to the paths emphasising their width. The paths are to be covered in tarmac and gravel.

This morning, a vapour trail over the High Street takes on an unusal pattern, as the twin trails of an aircraft, affected by some unusual temperature and pressure conditions, form a series of small rings, which expand and interweave to form a long, white chain.

Blue: the concentrated but delicate blue of rosemary, in bloom in a neighbour's front garden, and the brighter, less urgent blue of the sky directly overhead, this afternoon

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Lucas said...

I have seen similar spirally aircraft trails, although I think they are rare. Unless the planes have been piloted by a stunt pilot, the explanation - as you suggest - must be meteorological