Wednesday, July 12, 2006

blackbirds again, hazels, bubbles

For the last two years, blackbirds have nested in the wisteria next to our front door. On both occasions nestlings hatched on the last day of Wimbledon. In the build up to Wimbledon we watched, carefull not to disturb any birds that might be nesting, but no one appeared to be there. Now it seems that a female is sitting on a well hidden nest, but in contrast with previous years, she has seemed nervous every time the door is closed, and flies out straight into the neigbouring bay tree. Is she sitting on eggs? Will she continue to put up with our comings and goings, as have previous tenants of the wisteria? And is it too late to raise a family if that is what she is doing?

Squirrels invariably pick and crack open the hazel nuts which grow agains the wall of the vegetable garden before there is any sign of a kernal. In vain do I look every year for just one nut filled out to maturity. This year however I see a branch bearing several nuts pushing through the roof vent of the greenhouse. Perhaps a nut or two will survive.

Bubbles float across the Grove from somone's garden. At first, they catch the sunlight and shine like fine silver, then, as they reach the end of their brief lives, they lose their reflective qualities, and become stark circles before vanishing.

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