Thursday, July 06, 2006

radio reflections, dog watch, seasonal forecast

From the arcade, which runs beside BBC Radio Kent, you can look into the studio. This morning the picture window of Hooper's menswear shop on the opposite side of the arcade, is reflected in the window of the radio station, so that I have a vision of an announcer with microphones and computer screens, who appears to be sitting among rails of hanging shirts and the word "sale" in red letters repeated without apparent end.

A dog with a terrier face but very long pointed ears such as you might expect on a hare sits on the pavement beside a table outside a cafe. At the table sits the dog's owner, a large man with two rounds of toasted sausage sandwiches in front of him. He eats the sandwiches with relish, breaking off bits before putting them in his mouth. Now and then, he bites a piece in half and feeds it to the dog. The dog watches the man as his hand moves the food between plate and mouth; so intent is its concentration that its head moves in time with the man's movements.

The fruit of the rowan tree appear. You do not immediately notice the green berries at this time of year, but they anticipate autumn in high summer as tightly closed buds of certain trees and shrubs anticipate spring in mid-winter.

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