Monday, July 03, 2006

Lettuces, wasp goes free, stuffed olives

Before it gets too hot, in the vegetable garden, I cut plump lettuces, spicey oriental leaves and rocket all reservoirs of cool water drawn out of the soil.

A wasp buzzes madly behind my head between the venetian blind and the window when I am trying to read. I am not the sort of person who takes pride in kindness to other creatures, but rather than kill this one, I raise the blind, and drive it towards the other window, which is open. It doesn't take advantage of it and goes instead to the closed upper window where it starts buzzing again behind the blind. With a rolled newspaper I urge it onto the lower part of the frame of the raised sash. All it has to do to escape is crawl down and under. I nudge it, but it goes in the other direction, until at last I push it, through the slats, with the newspaper so that it is forced to crawl under the frame and so fly free. Up it goes, and I feel a sense of release myself, and not just from the buzzing.

At the Compasses they serve bowls of big queen olives stuffed with feta cheese.

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