Monday, July 24, 2006

linked by music, purple and green, cherry stones

Two little teenage girls share an ipod-type portable music player tucked into the top of the jeans of one them. Separate wires take the sound to their different ears, as they walk, side by side, though Calverley Park, joined by a sound that others can't hear.

In the vegetable garden I pick the first climbing French beans, a dark purple variety and a green. The purple is called Blauhilde and the green, Cobra. Once upon a time, a witch called Blauhilde fell in love with a prince called Cobra, and ...

Eating cherries in the garden and throwing the stones into flower beds is bad behaviour, in theory at a rate. But I am grown up and the flower beds are mine, and the cherries too; and the worst that can happen is that cherry trees will grow there.

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