Tuesday, July 04, 2006

lime flowers, rain, privet petal

The flowers in the lime tree opposite are in full bloom; they have the colour and texture of clotted cream, made to look even creamier by the contrasting caves of green darkness within the tree's canopy.

Rain after extreme heat is followed by moments of coolness and the wonderful smells released by leaves and flowers into the refreshed air. Now the air becomes heavy and humid again getting ready for the next shower or more likely the storm, which is forecast.

There is a privet hedge on the corner of Mount Sion and Berekley Road from which grows a privet tree, left one suspects deliberately to assume its natural shape and purpose. It is at present covered in small white flowers, which are scattering their minute petals on the pavement. I notice one of the petals motoring steadily across the brick pavement. It has been snapped up by an ant, which is carrying it away.

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