Monday, July 10, 2006

The mouse and the frog, embrace, lavender

A photo and short paragraph quoted in The Week shows a mouse taking a lift from a frog. Apparently the mouse escaped drowning by leaping on to the back of the frog, which was passing, when monsoon rains caused a river in Lucknow, India to burst its banks. It's the sort of story children like to hear and which you like to tell them.

Coming down the hill I see a couple engaged in an embrace. Or perhaps they are dancing accross the pavement. As I get closer I see that it is a girl carrying a large wicker laundry basket.

Lemon balm smells good by a path but tends to take over. Ruthless surgery is required. I halve the space that the clump occupies and plant some lavender Hidcote bought from the farmers market. Every time I pass the newcomer I feel a sense of satisfaction, and there's still plenty of lemon balm.

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