Friday, January 26, 2007

Better than bad, not waving but cleaning, pale sun

Saga magazine has, it seems, invented someone called Joe Tynam, who apparently has a blog called Now is the Time. So it seems that we have a lot in common, apart from similar names. I am getting to know Tynam and enjoy some of his observations. Here's Tynams latest: "I do not think of anyone as totally bad, but do believe that some people are a lot better than others".

I am watching a squirrel, who is watching me, when out of the corner of my eye, I see someone wave from a window. But what I take to be a wave turns out to be a hand cleaning the inside of the window with a cloth. The squirrel and I resume our mutual appraisal.

A layer of cloud this afternoon veils the sun, so that you can look it without the accustomed glare. It could be the moon, but it is too bright for that, and you know that it sits in the sky, where the sun usually is at this time of day and time of year. It looks like a round peppermint that has been reduced to a thin disc.

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