Friday, January 19, 2007

rules, butterfly again, paths

To my collection of notices, which I am calling "signs for the times", I take pleasure in adding this, copied down as printed, from outside the loos in my favourite pub in Tunbridge Wells:

These Toilets are single
occupancy only

If two or more people are found using
them, they will be asked to leave the

Gentlemen if you must use the ladies
Loo please respect them by improving
your aim and leaving the seats down
when finished

Every few days this January, I see a butterfly, not, I am sure, the same one, but surely worthy of note. This one seemed in a hurry as it fluttered up Sutherland Road.

I like the mysterious way rough footpaths wind their way up the steep slopes of the Common, from where it comes down to the main road, and lose themselves in the tangle of trees and undergrowth on the way up.

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Rashmi said...

Thanks awfully for your comments on my haiku... I think I'll sit with this one again.. I must admit though, that I do feel a little sheepish at you saying that you are pleased that I haven't given up on haikus... its not enitrely true, for I haven't written any since those initial two..
But I think its time to start again... hope to have your helpful reviews.. (hope you don't mind me replying to your comment here on your blog)