Sunday, January 21, 2007

veggie hopes, smile day, wallnut oil

Overheard in Sainsbury's:
He: Maybe they'll have vegetarian sausages or something.
She: The don't make vegeterian sausages.

Tomorrow, January 21, is reckoned,by those who know that sort of thing, to the most miserable day of the year. National-Be-Miserable Day? But it's reassuring to think that it's not compulsory.

A guest brings a litre bottle of wonderful wallnut oil. It comes from Huilerie J Le Blanc of Iguerande in the upper the Loire Valley. For a start, it inspires a salad with warm goat-cheese and a few wallnut halves to be liberally dressed with it.


Rashmi said...

India's almost done with 21st Jan, and I must say I'm quite relieved to say that I haven't had a miserable 21st!

tristan said...

first lightly toast your walnuts !

Unknown said...

It would have surprised me if you had, Rashmi. You sound to be of too cheerful and positive disposition to succumb. However as you live in the southern hemisphere, and the theory is apparently based on the short hours of daylight in our bleak midwinter, the likelihood is that it would not affect you even if you were a melancholic.

Thanks for the tip, Tristan. I haven't toasted wallnuts in the past for this preparation, but I will in future. I always treat pine kernals in that way and it always improves their flavour.