Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Deserted, hortensia, walking in the rain

In the deserted Grove this afternoon, only Mr and Mrs Crow strut on the grass, and over there a magpie drops in, while the trees are fruited with whistling starlings, heartened by the soft rain.

Hortensia or Hortense seems to be quite a common girls name in France. But, unlike other names of flowers -Lilly or Iris for example - it has not been adopted in England. And not surprisingly: who would want to be called Hydrangea, which is the English translation of hortensia?

Walking in the rain is always a pleasure especially when wearing a waterproof jacket and a broad-brimmed leather hat, and when the rain is a gentle mizzling rain, as it is this afternoon.

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Rashmi said...

I really loved the picture you created with 'Mr. & Mrs. Crow'...