Tuesday, January 23, 2007

recognition, new word, news

Spotting someone you know in the distance whom you recognise not by their features but by their posture and gait.

"Kweedle" is the winner of a comptetion for a new word in the BBC 4 programme Word of Mouth. It means to lean back in a chair and rock backwards and forwards. It was submitted to the progamme by Kathy Desmond.

In a cafe I see a man reading his stars in a tabloid newspaper, while sucking on a cigarette. He folds the paper and offers it to me. As I am about to leave I say "no thanks." "Nothing special," he says with a smile.


Hello from Julia said...

I'm looking around to see if anyone else is doing Three Good Things. I found yours linking from Three Beautiful Things. These are very positive sites. Come check out my blog http://3for365.blogspot.com. May I link your site to mine? -Julia

Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting. One tries to see the good before the bad, the beautiful before the ugly. Not always easy.You may of course link this site to yours. I am still trying to find a way of establishing links from mine to other sites. Joe