Wednesday, January 31, 2007

vapour trails, pine kernals, sitting in the sun

I watch a plane leave a vapour trail in the clear blue sky. There are two white tracks which gradually break up and form strips of cloud before vanishing, long after the plane has gone.

Almost the best part of the weekly bread bake, is adding pine kernals and pumpkin seeds to the strong white flour and rye dough. The seeds add a nutty, slightly aromatic flavour to the bread. The seeds, which end up on the outside of the loaf, are toasted during baking and especially delicious.

There are several people, apart from us, sitting in the Pantiles enjoying the January sun.


Lucas said...

I find that sometimes vapour trails become like clouds resembling the skeleton of a fish.

Anonymous said...

I am the kind of person who looks up to the sky and dreams about flying. Seeing a vapor trail only enhances the urge to soar. Anyway, that's not why I commented, I just stumbled upon your website and your writing style really impressed me. Thanks for all the images and congratulations for your talent.