Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tourists, time, cheese

Two tourists pass us going up as we go down Mt Sion. I know they are tourists because one of them holds in his hand a familiar, buff coloured leaflet. The leaflet describes the buildings (once boarding houses and brothels) that were built in Mount Sion in the early days of Tunbridge Wells. The spa town of today was developed from rough heathland, in the 17th Century, on account of the supposedly health-giving spring discovered there. The tourists stop in front of one of the houses listed on their route, and proceed up hill with an enlightened look on their faces.

I read a newspaper article about time by the philosopher, Julian Baggini. He expounds on Immanuel Kant's belief that: "the best way to view time and space is not to see them as features of reality that the mind tries to comprehend, but as features of the mind, which are used to comprehend reality."

In the Pantiles, two women hand Caroline a camera and ask her to take a photograph of them. They pose and one says to the other "say cheese", and they say "cheese" in chorus.

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