Monday, January 15, 2007

postman wit, window reflects, thin ice

"Just in time," I say as I hand a letter to the postman who is collecting the mail from the letter box. "I thought I was one short," he says.

The glass of the bay windows of the Pizza Express in the High Street, formerly the National Westminster Bank, has been replaced by reflective glass. It is convex on the outside, and mirrors people looking in, but allows patrons inside to look out, their view unimpeded. From outside you have to press your face against the glass to see shadowy figures inside.

From the York Courant, 15 January 1748 : "It is estimated that no less than a dozen persons have lost their lives in this last week, by inadvisedly skating upon this ice, which broke and drowned them: whereof five expired at one time, within sight of some fifty spectators in St James's Park."

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