Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Posted by PicasaBeside the sea side 3. Chimneys  made for seagulls.

Some people plan gardens from scratch, others let the design grow like, well, like a garden. I belong unashamedly to the hap hazard school. Try this, try that, see what happens. Something happens. It works. It doesn't work. So try something else. Today a permanent, earthenware barbecue, which serves as an oven as well as a grill, is to be  delivered.  It is of traditional Burmese design, beautifully simple, less imposing  and less presumptuous than those domed metal jobs.  It is to replace a stack of bricks on which improvised or sometimes disposable barbecues  are placed . Somehow it never realized the barbecue dream which has haunted me for  years.  But what to do with the loose bricks? They are fine, flat pavers left over from the little terrace where we sit. I could stack them up somewhere out of the way. But wait a moment. Under the hedge to the left of the entrance is a section of hedge under which nothing grows because of the hedge roots. It is an ugly bare strip aching for something to cover it. The bricks, placed side by side, fit the space perfectly. And better they support flower pots. And, of flower pots, full now with flowers and grasses, we have too many on the other side of the entrance. Instantly there is a new dimension to the garden, which, without the incoming barbecue, would never have been thought of.

In The High Street is an oriental  carpet shop, which I pass nearly every day. Stacks of carpets cover the floor and others carpets hang from the walls. Today the door is open, and as I pass, a woolly, cottony, thready smell emerges, not musty but almost musty, the smell of woven carpet.


CC said...

Love the gulls.

Jane - Grove said...

Thats the best way of gardening! It conjures up a lovely image of flower pots on either side of a entrance!

Lucy said...

Funny about barbecues, one always complains that we don't get the weather for them, yet the ones I remember best, as with much open air eating, were when the chill gave an edge to one's hunger and a greater sense of camaraderie. Can we see a picture of the Brazilian one?

Gardens are more elastic like that than interiors, aren't they?