Tuesday, May 11, 2010

window, white, cold

Who or what is behind the window?

Posted by PicasaThis morning, on my way through to the vegetable garden, I note white blossom to left and  right. There are two white clematis, a choisya spreading its fragrance, a cherry still in flower, lilies-of the valley; a bride dressing for her wedding would not be out of place.

A third of the way through May and the cold wind from the north intensifies.  The sun goes in and it is even colder. "It's going to snow tonight," says a doom-monger with relish. People walk about in hoods, their hands in their pockets. "It's the Government's fault," says Peter at Hall's bookshop. 


HKatz said...

Who or what is behind the window?

That's the kind of photo that appears in T.V. documentaries (can't think of a better word at the moment) about ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. In keeping with the rest of the post, let's say it's a Miss Havisham type of ghost, a betrayed bride-to-be in wedding apparel who froze to death and has since haunted the house.

Roderick Robinson said...

We may be suffering an Old Etonian spring.

Unknown said...

HKatz It's odd that I didn't notice anyone or anything inside the window until the photograph appeared on my screen.

BB And now an old Westminster one as well!