Monday, September 06, 2010

archive, one wheel, beans

Posted by Picasa I may have posted this before, but moving through my Picasa archive, I decide that I like this tulip, with the light coming though its petals, enough to risk repetition.

In a space in the traffic descending Mount Pleasant, a schoolboy on a bicycle travelling at full tilt, leans back so that the front wheel of his cycle comes off the ground, and he is travelling on one wheel only. As I catch sight of him, he reminds me of a rider on a horse rearing up on its hind legs. Except that in this case the rider is whizzing down hill.

After two days absence from the garden there are plenty of beans to be picked. I gather them into a trug and relish the variety of colours. There are thin, dark blue French beans, yellow flat podded French beans and bright green, traditional runner beans. You don't need to eat them. The sight of them is enough.

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The Crow said...

The tulip photo bears repeating; still beautiful and a joy to look upon.

What you "paint" for us with your camera, you capture in an equally lovely image with your description of the trug full of beans.