Friday, September 10, 2010

gulls, crows, electronics

Posted by PicasaNot everyone likes gulls. I take several shots of this young one,  who strikes me as a bit of a poseur, on the breakwater and in the sea. I take his posing as an invitation to snap. More poses to follow.

Crows, likewise, are not the most popular of birds. For me they are a constant fascination. In The Grove for a number of years now there is always a pair of crows in evidence at this time of year. I call them Mr and Mrs Crow, although I do not believe that that they are the same birds who return year after year. Rather they are more like actors who play the roles prepared for them in my mind. As they strut up and down pecking at the grass, I still imagine them as being in charge of the little park, of seeing it as their personal territory. Today there are two other birds of the crow family, Mr and Mrs Magpie. They keep their distance.

A few minutes ago I finish reading a book downloaded on a Sony Ereader. The book is by Barrett Bonden and I am spellbound both by the medium, which is new to me, and the novel, which I have now read twice, and enjoy more the second time. My thoughts on the novel are reserved at present for its author, but the Ereader strikes me comfortable and pleasant to use. Above all it is a lot easier than reading the novel on the computer screen, which I did the first time round.  Mind you as I come to the end of a "page" it takes me some time to stop going to the top of the screen and looking for something to turn over rather than simply pressing a button with an arrow for forward and one going the other way for back. Will it take the place of the solid, old fashioned book? Certainly as I look around the shelves which line  the walls of our houses, we would have a lot more space for pictures and the like if our library were digitalised, but I have got used to books and love to see them on the shelves, sometime just to run my hands over the binding.

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