Friday, September 03, 2010

wayside, games, pouring

Posted by PicasaAutumn and winter are the seasons for photographing fallen leaves. But this one, prematurely fallen on the edge of a path, catches my eye once, and then again, surely a reason to take my camera out of my pocket, and  perhaps, at the same time, offer an explanation of why I always try to have a camera with me wherever I go.

In the train, two girls, one perhaps 15 and the other seven or eight, are sitting opposite us. They appear to be sisters, and to pass the time  playing old fashioned nursery games. I spy with may little eye... lasts  for about five minutes, but was replaced by one, new to me, called Granny went to the Supermarket. One players says "Granny went to the supermarket and bought an elephant ..." and the next player continues, "My granny went to the supermarket and bought an elephant and a teapot..." And so on. That game, too, lasts a mesmerising five minutes before, thank God, it runs out of steam. But still learn something new every day.

On the terrace in front of the Moroccan restaurant called Momo in Heddon Street,  London,  a waiter, with a flourish and practiced accuracy, pours mint tea,  in a long, pale stream, from a tall pot, held at shoulder height, into a glass on the low table in front of us.


CC said...

I remember a version of the supermarket game. You must name a new item that begins with the last letter in the name of the previous item. Today I thought kids were all busy texting. Nice to know an old game survives into this generation.

Jane - Grove said...

Brilliant game!! I often play that supermarket game with my 11 year old, but she usually wins, her memory is better than mine!! We also play a lot of Hangman too. Far better than texting!!

Lucas said...

I am glad your camera was with you.