Monday, September 13, 2010

occasion, curry, magpie

Posted by PicasaA repeat performance. I took a similar photograph from the same position in St Leonards earlier this year. But the occasion is different, the people are different and the shadows perhaps are longer.

A faint scent of spices serenades my taste buds as I walk past the Indian restaurant in Grosvenor Road.

In a rowan tree among the orange berries, a magpie, between taking pecks at the fruit, emits a staccato clucking sound.  Is he proclaiming his territory? The French have a verb for  for the sound jacasser.  It is commonly used metaphorically for chatter.  I'm not sure that an equivalent exists in English. Jacasse  is apparently an alternative word for pie, the more usual French word for magpie.

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Lucy said...

What a beautiful, limited range of colours in that photo. Wish I was there!

I think I perhaps miss the smell of Indian restaurants as much as eating in them. Never mind, there looks to be a good one in Morlaix where we're going this week.

'Pie bavarde', a chatty magpie, is his full French name.