Wednesday, September 29, 2010

strike, photograph, dragonflies

Today the whole of Spain is in theory on strike. The trade unions want to be sure that the economies demanded  by La Crisis economica, will be fairly shared between the rich, by the business establishment, the working population and the poor. The Zapatero government, which came to power on a wave of popularity, like so many other governments in Europe, is left juggling with limited options. The strike is not universally supported. Our friends in Sitges, a teacher and an artist, are divided about whether to support it or not. Meanwhile, while we are prepared this morning to tighten our belts for the one day of the strike, perhaps to make out own bed, to picnic on the beach instead of eating tapas in one of our usual bars, we find that that little has changed. The street cleaners have not been round to collect rubbish, and the beach, usually meticulously swept, has been neglected. But apart from that, little has changed and most of the shops are open. A bit of an anticlimax here, (though we know that railways and air transport have been disrupted).  But the spoilt and idle side of our nature leaves us somewhat relieved on the last  full day of our holiday.

A photo session on the beach.  A young man in a formal suit staggers into the sea, while holding in his arms, a girl in a strapless, white wedding dress. From long, long ruched skirt, her little feet protrude. He turns with his burden  so that a photographer can capture the scene. He is of slight build; she rather more substantial. His trousers are soaked up to the knees.

While swimming this morning I see two dragon flies skimming the water. I look again to see that the pair have become four. The insects spiral in the sun a few feet above the waves.


Lucy said...

Bon retour to you both!

Unknown said...

Thank you Lucy. I am just collecting my scattered thoughts. I hope that you and Tom has good a break as we did.