Tuesday, July 05, 2011

3bt, divided, mustard

Posted by PicasaAs we pass their  house I look up to see, Clare Law ( formerly Grant),  who pioneered the formula of daily describing three beautiful things,  and Nick Law and Alec Law who, by and by, joined her , themselves to become, I think as I click my camera, three beautiful things.

A car driven by a young man with  long hair streaming in the wind, emerges from a side road, music exploding all around him. One half of me rebels at the din and the other half applauds his carefree, youthful bravado.

A visitor introduces us to the taste of papaya seeds. Like mustard, not unpleasant, and especially good for you apparently.

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Mary said...

Beautiful photo!!
I used to make a salad dressing with oil, vinegar, onion and crushed papaya seeds.