Friday, July 01, 2011

cherries, fallow, edge

Posted by Picasa Cherries by the wayside.

Fallow: a lovely word, which means to plough or break up as well as to leave  unploughed or unsown for a time, as in "to lay fallow"; or indeed a piece of land which is unploughed as in "Landscape plotted  and pieced - fold, fallow, and plough".

Edges of woods have a special appeal. They represent  cross sections of woods and all that goes on among the trees and undergowth. In  the train we pass a field bordering a wood. Half way across the division between grass and trees,  the trunk of a silver birch stands out like a marker amid the deciduous crowd of greens and browns. It reminds me of a picture I once tried to paint or thought of painting.  I never finished it and I am not sure that I now think back on it, that I ever started it.  The title of the painting that never was: The edge of the wood. Perhaps it will be painted now.

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Lucas said...

I think "The Edge of the Wood" would make an excellent painting. There is a borderline which is uniquely interesting bacause it is neither one place nor the other.