Wednesday, December 26, 2012

experiment deprived laughter

  1.  With little difficulty and a spot of self- tuition, I have installed and used for  the first  time an  app called Paper which allows you to draw, paint and handwrite on screen.  It is remarkably sensitive and versatile As I am at present looking after a neighbour's cat while she is on holiday, I ventured this clumsy thing, but nevertheless feel pleased enough with it as an experiment to post it here.
Wallowing in idleness this is the  first Christmas for as long as I can remember when I have not had the opportunity to cook  the festive meal.  But I am not complaining. Our neighbours looked after us generously.  Good company and good food and drink. I could easily get used to such idleness.

As I pass The Grove Tavern someone must be telling a joke. An explosion of laughter within is followed by waves and after shocks of raucous response. It is the sort of sound that could only be heard in an  English pub. All inhibitions forgotten.


Tom said...

I thought you captured the essence of feline action beautifully. As for the laughter from the pub, yes, I can remember such times not without a little wistfulness. But I have always enjoyed observing rather than taking part in those times.

Lucas said...

The sound of a pub is a sound to return to. There is nothing like it.

Unknown said...

Tom, Lucas Pubs are changing. First they smell no longer of tobacco and ceilings are no longer stained yellow with nicotine. Second, many are infested with children, many in pushchairs. Of our two local pubs, The Grove Tavern (whence the belly laughs) is the one truest to past tradition. It is long and narrow. No room for children. It serves no food. And it is not tied to the sale of indifferent bitter. Heidi doesn't like it because there are few places to sit. There are few women customers and she calls it "a man's pub". Nothing wrong with that in my view.