Thursday, December 13, 2012

windows prostitutes conversation

Windows and reflections in windows.

A Russian diplomat comments as he looks through the window of his taxi in the City of London, "I see that you have the same sort of problem as we do with groups of prostitutes  outside  entrances to offices".

A man and dog in the Grove. The dog, a collie, holds a stick in its mouth. It appears only mildly interested as the man appears to be talking to it non-stop about problems with machinery and the importance of proper maintenance. Only after careful observation do you realise that the man must be talking into a microphone hidden in the collar of his jacket, the microphone connected to a telephone. But then again you can't be sure.


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Roderick Robinson said...

Cue to the watcher in the shadows, trying to work out whether the watchee is making a phone call. The start of another mystery tale.

Received wisdom says that the mobile phone has invalidated the complex "timetable" whodunnit exemplified by Dorothy Sayers at her dullest in The Five Red Herrings. In fact the mobile has opened up a whole new range of plotting possibilities and (although this is only of interest to authors) cuts out a whole lot of uninteresting business about getting characters to penny-in-the-slot phones. Try setting a story in the 1980s and one aches for the invention of the mobile.