Monday, December 31, 2012

greetings oysters feeling

Greetings to all who come and go and  pass by.

I have had an oyster knife now for several years but never opened an oyster with it. Today on an impulse I buy 12 native oysters from the fishmonger. He gives me a demonstration to remind me what I have to do and offers me the oyster which he opens - my definition of a gentleman. While  Heidi watches and chats I sever the muscle at the edge of each of the crustacea and slide the blade round to lift the shell. I won't say I'm an expert but two plates each with six oysters arranged in a circle and  the liquor saved round the glistening mushroom-coloured flesh testify to my new accomplishment. Brownie points into the bargain because they are a surprise and Heidi loves oysters.

This morning a cleric on the radio is talking about thinking and feeling and the problems which occur when you have one without the other. I am reminded of someone I knew years ago who mocking a young dreamy young man of our acquaintance who seemed always to be surrounded by wisps  of Irish mist, parodied h is poems with one which began: "I feel I ought to tell you how I feel..."


CC said...

You're becoming quite facile with that app, as well as your oyster knife, Joe.

Enjoying your progress!

Lucy said...

You mind your hands with that oyster knife, you don't want to be severing any muscles there. I keep wanting to get one, but Tom fears injury. Our quiet American friend who is a great one for DIY oysters reluctantly admitted to having cut himself the other day, and hankers for one of those mesh gauntlets that the chefs have, but they're enormously expensive.

But oysters are so wonderful, now I am salivating.

Happy New Year to you both!

marja-leena said...

Having never handled oysters myself, I'd fear that knife. I've enjoyed oysters prepared by others and imagine yours would be divine.

And a happy healthy and continuing creative New Year to you and Heidi from us both!

Unknown said...

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