Saturday, December 15, 2012

wired Bach inanition

Berries and telephone wires.
What music do you play when you are struck down by a bug which leaves you so weak that switching on the equipment and pressing the button seems an effort? Bach. Perhaps the Goldberg Variations. . Cheerful yet deeply calming. Energising .Better already.
One thing about this bug is that in reducing you to state of inanition, as you lie flat on your back, wrapped up and warm, your mind begins to float free and a remarkable sense of freedom takes over, an out of body experience. It is not at all unpleasant.


Roderick Robinson said...

Sorry about the bug. Just played the Goldberg earlier this afternoon, one of four versions I have, this one by Andras Schiff. It was written and played for a patron who suffered from insomnia but I can't see it putting him to sleep. For me it's a top-ten masterpiece, hugely dramatic, but for that you have to concentrate. In your shoes I'd want it to merely trickle which it can also do.

A less stirring but equally melodic (perhaps over-melodic) piece for piano is Mendelssohn's Song Without Words which I also played this PM. As long as some operas (two CDs) it is studded with pieces you will know well or half-know. Quite suitable for the truly enfeebled. I don't often recommend old Felix because I find a lot of his stuff débile. This is the exception.

Lucy said...

Get well, enjoy Bach and inanition (don't quite think that's a word I'd associate with you, but anyway!)