Monday, April 01, 2013

Deconstructed, who is right? and cigar smoking woman


 In this bitter Spring even the daffodils are deconstructed.

Tell me, O wise one, if millions of people say something is good, is it?

My scrap book grows fat while the earth in the garden is still too cold to germinate seeds. Contrasts in scale and content continue to surprise even me who put the pages together. On the latest spread to be completed  is a Nineteenth Century photograph of a Japanese woman sitting at a desk in a long, spotted skirt smoking a cigar. Next to her is a nightingale. Below  that, Roger Federer executing a backhand;  a badger; a Rembrandt self-portrait; a photograph of The College of Cardinals in full regalia taken from behind; Stone Henge;and a Rubens picture of the Three Graces with plump, wrinkly bottoms and pretty faces. And several other images culled from papers and magazines as I discard them.

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Roderick Robinson said...

Sad that no one will ever refer dreamily to Andy Murray executing a backhand, despite the fact that he has just overtaken RF in the world standings. RF, of course, has style both on and off the court, especially when being interviewed. It's a skill he developed in order to help him win gracefuly. These days he loses as often as he wins and I wonder if there's a touch of irony in having to employ this skill in defeat. My granddaughter, Bella, became besotted with RF to the point where she appeared to regard him as sexy. This I could never understand. You will be well aware that this subject fascinates me endlessly and equally unsurprised to know I continue to lack any generalised rules that define this state.