Monday, April 29, 2013

Flames, Darth Vader and dedication

After a cold spring the tulip bulbs which I planted in this pot in October now provide warmth with  flame-like petals.

In The Grove a small boy in a Darth Vader black Helmet  and cloak pursues two pigeons. He shouts at the top of his voice. The pigeons rise in the air and land a few yards away. They have seen it all before.

From the  bank counter I have a glimpse through an open door into a sort of large common room. The room is dominated by a green notice board on which someone has written  in caps with a black ink marker the words "Dedicated  Empathetic Knowledgeable". I imagine the training session where these qualities are proposed as models presumably to the bank staff and management.  But what do they mean? What do they really mean? 


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Roderick Robinson said...

Somone's joking. "Empathetic" sits uneasily within the purlieus of a bank. As does purlieus.