Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bikes and people, baby and insignificant events.

Transport and pedestrians.

I'm still enjoying the current Private Eye cover which  bears the headline "Woman Has Baby". Nothing else except the sub heading, "Inside Other Stuff".

Sometimes I justify to myself the pedestrian nature of this blog, which is largely concerned with  small things and unimportant events. I tell myself that  small things and unimportant events can sometimes stand for  larger things  and point the way to more significant issues in our relationship with the world. On  the other hand should I not content myself with the thought that they must stand on  their own, significant for no other reason than they exist in a mystifying universe? A seed unfolds to become a stem and from the stem a leaf emerges; a blackbird lays an egg; the egg hatches, fledglings fly. Huge events.



CC said...

Focusing on what seems small inspires more than do grand or alarming headlines.

Roderick Robinson said...

You are under-selling yourself. The more familiar - mundane even - the subject the greater the need for a satisfactory style. By which I don't mean a florid, precious, literary, or trumpeting style. I mean an unassuming, pared-down, detached, sometimes laconic style which matches the things you write about. Most important is knowing what you can leave out so that the event, the person, the behavioural quirk, the entity stands revealed mainly as a result of its own efforts - albeit discreetly framed. This you do.

Lucy said...

The continually interesting nature of this blog, how you find such a satisfyingly various yet consistent range of subjects and say just enough about them, has always been and is still a great wonder, it's never any kind of chore to look in here, even when I'm not much in the mood for blog visiting generally. I think in part it must be because you sustain your own interest and joy in writing and the things you write about, you never seem to be just going through the motions.

That photo looks like music.

Unknown said...

So encouraging. Thank you. I'll keep trying.