Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hedgehog, ribs and flying seeds

Two plants of which I forgot the name came up in the herb bed in the Spring.   Echinacea is one of them. I was able to identify it as soon as it flowered. Tinctures increase resistance to infection. The dried rootstock is used as a digestive and antiseptic.  The Greek echinacea means hedgehog.

Through the letter box comes a flier for Tops Pizza. Fast food including pizzas deserves a special  linguistic study. The chief attraction of the leaflet is "New! Hot Dog Stuffed Crust". Among the "sides served with your choice of two dips"  are the remarkable "Boneless Ribs".

I sit in the garden listening to the lime tree above my head. The wind swishes the leaves. The pale flower petals and tobacco coloured pollen has  blown away. The winged seeds whisper among themselves. They are turning yellow and getting ready to fly.

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