Friday, August 02, 2013

Thought, territory and "the top of the morning."

Pausing for thought or inspiration.

In the vegetable garden a black cat emerges from the shadows under a hedge. It poses for my camera. I follow it as it explores lettuces and beans, sweet corn and some garden netting laid out on the ground ready to form some pigeon defences. What's this? A second black cat arrives through a hole in the fence. The two cats look at one another for a moment in surprise. They are both unsure of  territorial rights, because in an instant they turn and race off in different directions, one under the hedge the other under the fence.

A traffic warden passes in the street. Few people like traffic wardens. So I say good morning to be kind. He responds surprised at a friendly greeting. Perhaps he  rightly suspects me of not being a motorist.  It occurs to me that it doesn't hurt to say good morning to as many people as possible in a friendly sort of way. Who knows? It could make their day a mite more happy. It might even make mine happier. I've always liked the expression "the top of the morning," Irish I think. But perhaps it would sound odd in Tunbridge Wells.


CC said...

Lovely contemplative Squirrel.

Tom said...

I particularly like your comment about 'top of the morning'. I sometimes look askance at French peoples' lack of good manners. Yet to say 'Bonjour' to passing strangers in the middle of the countryside is quite commonplace. Using the same greeting when entering a restaurant or shop is almost a must. And it does help the day along. Gendarmes must have a pretty grim time!

Unknown said...

CC But what is it contemplating. Food?

Tom Though I reccomend it, I worry lest it should become insincere. You have to mean it, don't you? When I worked in an office I subscribed to the idea that to pay people a genuine compliment in passing whenever possible was good practice. To admire someone's tie or wit can provide a boost to self-regard and sense of achievement. But again it can be risky. To compliment a woman on her looks nowadays seems to be out of order, however innocent the intention. And no one want to appear unctuous. We walk on eggshells. But who dares, wins.