Thursday, September 05, 2013

I said the fly, legality and Bearnaise sauce


Who am I, says the Law Giver,  to define The Law? If  not I, who?

For a birthday lunch a Bearnaise sauce. For the liaison, beaten eggs; for the flavour, vinegar and tarragon;  to enrich and sanctify, clarified butter drop by  drop.

I am  sorry that visitors are having difficulty  finding the comment box. Divine intervention perhaps.? I  truly hope not, To look forward to comments is only human.


Tom said...

At the third time of trying, I have made contact. I can assure you it has nothing to do with divine intervention. I say again, I am not guilty of dabbling in your blogging affairs. :)

Unknown said...

Cheers Tom!

Roderick Robinson said...

I shared others' problems about comments to your blog; now for a month or so things seem to be OK. However, I have to say it all dated back to the day you changed your template. Yes, we do get the two gear-wheels while the comment is masticated and digested but, it seems, at a price. I hesitate to recommend reverting back to the original format since I wouldn't want to be peremptorily shut out again. Blogger is nothing if not whimsical.

I take it you have put a question about the problem to the Blogger forum.

Unknown said...

As you will see, Robbie, I have done what I should have done long ago and and junked the arty farty template which as you suggest seems to have been causing the problem.

Tom said...

Seems to be working, Joe.