Thursday, January 23, 2014

Opportunities, normality and enjoyment.

They are still talking about demolishing the old cinema at the top of Mount Pleasant.  It will be March or April they now say. And, they say, the town will be infested by rats looking for a new home.  Meanwhile I for one will be a little sorry. Such sites offer endless photo opportunities at least for people like me who are attracted to broken  glass, rust, mould  and disintegrating structures.

In the Compasses this afternoon where my brother Ken and I indulge our selves with something called pan fried cod and cassoulet, the sun streams in touching veneers and stained glass. Seeing the profiles of four people seated, shadow-like, behind a glass  partition  I kick myself for leaving my compact camera at home. Normally I would have the camera in my pocket. Must get back to normal.

What people say: "Enjoy the rest of the afternoon, "  says the barman. Enjoyment is I suppose everything that matters.

1 comment:

Roderick Robinson said...

I am greatly reassured that you felt up to a pub lunch with Ken. Pan-fired or not.

Surely the cassoulet was separate.