Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Silver, nostalgia and calm


My brother Ken and I compose from a memory a dish from our childhood It is  middle eastern in origin, spicy but mild.  It consists of  freshly scrambled eggs, cubes of potato, onion and mint stirred up together. Our taste buds tell us that we are on the right lines. Lunch becomes an excursion into nostalgia. Mint we decide is the most significant ingredient in determining the remembered flavour.

This morning I oversleep. Not  good idea. I am woken by the telephone. It takes me a long time to recover. But I do recover by sitting still and calm in my study and examining the spines of my books. Why is this so satisfying? Perhaps it because tranches of the books' contents comes to me in soothing waves.



marja-leena said...

That is a beautiful photo!

Stella said...

Perusing the spines is satisfying because your whole life is sitting there on the shelves. Comforting and familiar.