Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pipes, pumping and song

Pipes and steam.

You can't help being impressed by our new hospital. Yesterday not just the building but the system is working well. You have the impression of being gently pumped from station to station.  Touch screen electronic check-in identifies you and tells you to wait in reception until your name appears on a screen. This directs   you (in my case) to Outpatients 1. Here you are greeted and taken  to an interview room. Even more gently you are conveyed to phlebotomy and thence to x-ray. You emerge if not cured feeling on the whole that you have been cared for by people who enjoy caring for you.

The other morning it was a robin that woke me just outside the bedroom window. This morning no robin but an even  noisier song thrush is blasting away loud enough to put alarm clock manufacturers out of business. A few years ago I worried that I no longer seemed to hear the morning chorus.  Was it my hearing?  This year perhaps my hearing is coming back. Or is it that the birds are singing louder? Certainly prompted by warm weather they are anticipating Spring earlier than they are supposed to.


Stella said...

I took a walk to the post box (an endangered species) and listened closely for birdsong. The only sound was that of squeaky snow underfoot. -14oC today, nicer than yesterday's -23. Needless to say, no birdsong. In fact, I have no birds at the feeders this week, Inwonder why. A hawk? To the business of music.....thank you, RR, for the link to the Cosi fan tutte clip.....exquisite! I also watched and listened to the YP Orchestra, quite fun and that led me to Peter & the Wolf, which I have not thought of for years, thank you for the reminder. I actually loved that piece and still cry bitter tears for the poor duck. I have cranked up the Beethoven every morning, next week will move on to........? You will all be pleased to know I know enouh about opera to spot Kiri Te Kanewa last Sunday on Downton Abbey. :)

Lucas said...

Remarkable photo. I have tried to photograph smoke and steam, of an industrial or amenity-related type, nothing anywhere near as good as this. I think it would make a great series.

Lucas said...

Joyce thinks the photo is interesting because of the pipes and the complex patterns they make.

The Crow said...

Great photo! I agree with Lucas and Joyce. Interesting lines, colors and atmosphere.