Thursday, January 30, 2014

Silver archive, stories and Weisswurst

Silver 2

A book of "post-its" by my bed. Four a clock in the morning.  It is ideas time. Resolution. I will   revive my story blog One Fine Day. No reflection on  RR who despite his misgivings is producing  much admired short stories of  great accomplishment,  which  are invariably limited to a specific number of words. A discipline which I understand but don't agree with.  My  stories will be of any length from one word to as many words as there are cells in the human brain. I like the idea that our lives are driven by stories, other people's stories and stories we make up. I am about to delete the unfinished story in One Fine Day. The new series will follow soon. How long will the stories be? Wait and see.

Through the post from Germany two tins of Weisswurst. The delicate sausage normally eaten only before midday in its country of origin. You eat with a sweet, seedy mustard.



Tom said...

Good on you, Joe!

Rouchswalwe said...

Looking forward to the stories, I am!

Ah, Weißwurst! I like mine with that special mustard you mention and a pint of Bock at this time of year.

Roderick Robinson said...

Are WWs veal-based? If so how do they differ from bratwurst? I think BW are my favourite. On top of their taste they are the ones which bite best: the delectable sensation of the teeth bursting through the skin and ravishing what lies beneath. A whole lot of symbolism there.

Unknown said...

I believe that Weisswurst are veal-based. Sorry about the misspelling. Thanks R

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh, I'm not sure it is a misspelling to the Bavarians. I just used my dialect. Either way it's delicious!