Monday, January 20, 2014

Sainsbury, song and frugality

Car park

It still seems to be dark. Yet what is this? A robin singing full throatedly  outside the bedroom window. I look at the clock. 6.45. What a wonderful, resonant alarm clock! As I write this  11 hours later  another bird is seeing down the sun. A song thrush probably . Or a black bird but it is not close enough for me to be sure. Early for either birds to be singing in January.

Although frequently guilty of extravagance and self-indulgence,  I wake up thinking about frugality. In world so full of pain and greed, I am attracted to a frugal way of life. Making things last. Cooking with left overs.  Avoiding waste at all cost. Perhaps a wartime childhood prepared me for it. But this is how I like it.


Stella said...

As I posted earlier, I did not read RR's advice to me until this morning, and although it is off topic for today, wanted you to know I have ordered The Rubenstein Collection, Vol 49, Chopin, to get me started on Music Appreciation 101. Unfortunately, delivery will take some time but I will try and articulate some thoughtful response after I have listened....and listened. I hope I have chosen something appropriate to your suggestions, as the selection was rather dizzying.
Today I heard Tom Allen/CBC say that it used to take writers and musicians longer to say things that it takes now -- and I thought of the comment about the five hour commitment.
I do admire frugality, especially in this modern time when excess in every form is so evident. And except for yesterday, when I saw a chair I loved on sale for a mere $C3800.00! (Definitely not falling into anyone's definition of Frugality.)

Lucy said...

I heard a robin singing in the dark this morning when I was pegging the washing out, a bit earlier than usual. The birds seem noisier and busier than one might expect, the mistle thrushes are tuning up too.

I know that, in our household certainly, we strain at gnats and swallow camels where frugality is concerned, yet am convinced it's still a good gesture if only a gesture, a good habit to cultivate and maintain.

Rouchswalwe said...

My cardinal family is active, which surprises me greatly since we are in the midst of another cold snap.

I was told once that I'm too young to be frugal! I was raised by three generations of women who knew wartime. It must have rubbed off on me, and I am thankful to have the benefit without having had to live through a war myself.