Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spring, surprise, delight and haircut

Urban spring.

I'm floored, deeply touched, bewildered, utterly delighted, knocked backwards and forwards and backwards again. A long, hand written letter from the dearest of friends arrives this morning and with it a present of sublime beauty and utility. Not only is the letter hand-written but every word is immediately legible to my weary eyes.The letter itself is rich in allusions all of which must and will be answered. Now to get my hand-writing back to scratch and my thoughts in order. Something truly beautiful has happened to day.

Haircut today for an important occasion next week. Heidi always reminded me about  cutting my hair which she objected to if it stood up like a cross mad professor's. Today I have to remind myself. A cruel taxi driver with a Glaswegian accent,  meanwhile, ticks me off for keeping him waiting while he is waiting to pick me up for the hairdresser. Seven minutes, he says. No more than five I think. But I am not going to argue. Good for a laugh if nothing else.


Lucy said...


(And send that taxi driver my way, I'll sort him.)

tristan said...

ah ! you continue to surprise and delight me ...