Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Posted by PicasaCloud ballet.

On the close cropped grass outside the Public Library, flocks of clover are in flower. Bees have spotted them and as I watch they assault the flower heads, fumbling each floret as if it was a long lost love. One bee doesn't even bother to fly to the next flower but crawls the few centimeters and greedily climbs its short stem.

The President of the Republic of Nasturtia has asked me to convey his and his people's thanks to The Crow for composing a national anthem for their country (See comments). He wishes to extend an invitation to her to attend the first performance of the anthem in Nasturtia City later this summer. The President says thatthe anthem is a beautiful thing and deserves posting here, and so I post it with special pleasure, especially as the President intends to bestow upon the Crow on the occasion of the anthem's performance, the Order of the Orange Flower, the highest decoration in the history of Nasturtia.


The Crow said...
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Zhoen said...

Well done, Crow.