Tuesday, June 30, 2009

lettuce, pigeon, flagstone

Posted by Picasa In the lettuce heart
lakes flood and the deep waters
shuffle their slow feet.

This morning on the fence a pigeon perches. It leans forward; looks to right and left; looks down; tilts its head from side to side. What appeals is the parallel with a certain sort of person, fossicking or on the scrounge.

A phrase from Proust which I come across today seems to sum up the adjective "proustian": ... a flagstone almost endowed with thought, un pavé presque pensant...


Roderick Robinson said...

It was a bloody important paving stone, wasn't it?

Unknown said...

The important paving stones on which Marcel stumbles in the courtyard of the Guermantes house in Paris, and which allow him to recover the reality of Venice, come later, almost at the end of Time Regained. The paving stone "almost endowed with thought",occurs only as an example which Marcel gives of the Muse of History at work at the end of the Fugitive. Perhaps it resonates with the Guermantes stones,but not I think intentionally.

The Crow said...

Lettuce looks like a green rose - beautiful.


Unknown said...

That's a good thought; A green rose. Thank you Crow.